Fertility consultation & Pregnancy

Fertility consultation

This is especially for women who want to get pregnant, in the near or distant future. During a fertility consultation we discuss the health of the parents and we look for factors that could affect the health of a future baby. In this consultation we will also give you some lifestyle tips that are important when you are planning for a pregnancy. For example, taking folic acid, vitamin D etc, looking at you and you’re partners health to figure out and advice you how to start this journey as healthy as possible.

Fertility consultation


There you are, staring at one or maybe more positive tests because you don’t quite believe it. Perhaps you have waited a long time, or it went faster than expected or it was very unexpected. In any case an exciting time to come. This process will require you to be flexible, physically and emotionally, in finding a new balance. You are creating new life in your belly and the preparation for what is to come: being a mother (again). Busy with what it means to be a mother and the shift that may occur in your relationship with your partner. In short, a lot to process during this special period.

Our goal is simple: we provide you with all the necessary information on various topics so that you can make conscious decisions. This includes: prenatal screening, ultrasounds, maternity care, consultation bureaus, birth plan, (bath) birth, contractions, pain relief, umbilical cord, placenta, breastfeeding, vitamin K and vitamin D.

In order to achieve this, we schedule enough time for the appointments. So that besides the medical checkups, we can discuss one or more topics during an appointment. Your own questions and needs are leading in what we discuss.

The first appointment you have will take place between 8 and 10 weeks of the pregnancy. During this appointment we will also make an ultrasound to determine if the pregnancy is located in the uterus and we will check the heartbeat of the baby and see approximately how far along you are. Also, we will be discussing the possibilities for prenatal screening. Prenatal screening allows us to estimate the chance that your baby has certain birth defects. We will give you the information and answer the question you have so you can make an informed choice.

It can be a difficult decision whether or not to do prenatal screening. That is why we recommend you read some information about prenatal screening before your first appointment.

Structural ultrasound examination (SEO), 20-week ultrasound

At the 20-week ultrasound, the ultrasound technician checks whether your child has any physical abnormalities. It is a medical examination. An ultrasound is made via the abdomen, where the child is examined closely. In 95 out of the 100 pregnancies no abnormalities are found and further testing is not necessary. If something abnormal is seen, you will get a follow-up examination (extensive ultrasound, amniocentesis).

Not all abnormalities can be seen with the 20-week ultrasound. Your child may still have an abnormality that cannot be seen on the ultrasound or that develops later on during the pregnancy. . The costs of the 20 week ultrasound are covered by your health insurance. Know that you always have a choice to choose what exams you want to do. It is not mandatory .

After your first appointment we will make sure to schedule new appointments. In the beginning of the pregnancy, you will visit us every 4 weeks. Around the 27th week of the pregnancy you will visit us every 3 weeks then later on every 2 weeks and at the end every week.

Structural ultrasound examination (SEO), 20-week ultrasound

Screening for Down, Edwards and Patau syndrome

You can choose to have the Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) ;

The NIPT is a blood test for pregnant women. Fetal DNA can be detected in the blood of a pregnant woman. The blood is tested for the presence of an extra chromosome (trisomy) 21, 18 or 13. The test can be done from 11 weeks of pregnancy. The NIPT costs €175.

One thing that is important to know is that the NIPT  test does not provide 100% certainty, however if the result is that nothing was detected, no follow-up examination is necessary. If the result reflects that one of the chromosomes have been detected, you can opt for follow-up testing (NIPT, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis) to gain certainty.

Since 1 April 2017 you can choose for the NIPT. Do bear in mind that this is only possible if you participate in a scientific study (TRIDENT-2).

Click here for more information about NIPT.

First trimester SEO (13 week ultrasound)

From September 1, 2021 it is possible to have a first trimester SEO done. The 13-week ultrasound, this is a national scientific study.

The 13-week ultrasound is a medical examination that you can have with the aim of investigating whether your child has serious physical abnormalities early in the pregnancy. Examples of physical abnormalities are an open skull. If you choose to participate in the study, it will take place when you are between 12 weeks and 3 days and 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

Participation in this study is free of charge, because it is a scientific study. Want to know more? Click here for more information.

During the pregnancy we will inform you on different topics about pregnancy, birth and the weeks after. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible so that you can make conscious decisions. We will provide you with information about a healthy lifestyle, breastfeeding, information about the birthing process and we will give you advice on dealing with discomforts during the pregnancy. During your visits to us we will always measure your blood pressure and feel how your uterus is growing and how the baby is growing.

First trimester SEO (13 week ultrasound)