Who we are?

At Meja Verloskundigen we see pregnancy and childbirth as natural and physiological processes. We believe in giving care based on this trust, based on this trust we will inform, advise and support you in making choices and decisions in this special time with the conviction that a woman has a strong instinctive capacity. When she follows her body and is given the space to surrender to the processes, we believe that in most cases additional actions and/or interventions are not necessary.

We strive to offer you (and your partner) the space you need so you can fully surrender to the process of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. This way you can stand in your own authority.

The course of the pregnancy and delivery is influenced by the trust you have in us, and for that reason we have chosen for a small practice with two midwives. We think it is important to stay small in order to create more time for a check-up and to get to know you. The goal is to build a good relationship with the parents-to-be. In addition, there is enough time to answer all questions and provide all information you will need.


I am Flora Zonnenberg, mother of 2 girls and married to Brian. I was born in Apeldoorn and raised in New Zealand, but I have lived in The Netherlands for more than half of my life.

As a teenager I read the textbooks of my mother who became a midwife in New Zealand. My favorite book was “Spiritual Midwifery,” written by Ina May Gaskin, a midwife at heart. Everything she did appealed to me and inspired me. My approach is to support the woman and her partner in their natural strength while having faith in the female body.

I have been working as a midwife since 2005 and I have been able to experience what it is like to work in small as well as large practices. I have also worked in a hospital in Ireland. These experiences resulted in my motto: having and giving the time to guide a woman (and partner) in the process of family expansion and parenthood, and then seeing how she can grow in this with calmness and confidence.

Stephanie - Meja - midwife


I am Stephanie Keteldijk, I was born in Aruba and I moved to the Netherlands when I was 13. Since 2014 I have been able to turn my passion into my work.

Caring, empathetic, calm, reliable and cheerful are qualities that my environment attributes to me and in which I recognize myself. I use all of these qualities in my care.

Out of high school, after doing some research on midwifery, I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do. Guiding women and their partners during a special, intimate process in their lives.

During my training and in the field of work I was able to experience how powerful women are. It is beautiful to build a bond of trust, so that the woman and their partner feel at ease and can be themselves. This helps them stand in their strength even more.

Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period can have a huge impact. That is why I think it is important to provide care to your needs and care that is specifically based on who you are as a person. This allows you to walk through this process with confidence and look back on the care received with satisfaction.

After having the opportunity to work in various practices over the years, I seized the opportunity to form a practice together with Flora. A small practice where it’s all about warmth, time and trust.

It is an honor for me to be a part of your special journey


I am Bernice Lowik, Since this summer I will be part of team Meja ( Flora en Stephanie).

Since 2019   I am able to practice this beautiful profession. I do this with lots of pleasure and passion.

Every pregnancy, delivery and post party period is unique. As a midwife I like to get to know my clients , so that together we can discover which care is the best. Caring, empathetic, calm, reliable and cheerful are qualities that my environment attributes to me and in which I recognize myself. I use all of these qualities in my care.

Bernice - Meja - midwife
Marlies - Meja - midwife


I am Marlies ten Bolscher , I live in Apeldoorn together with husband Jonathan and my two sons Joël ( 2020) and Luca ( 2022).

When choosing a medical profession, I quickly found  midwifery,wich is a mix of responsibility and has a big social aspect. Since 2019 I can proudly call myself a midwife and I really enjoy standing next to a woman and her partner. To be a witness in such a life changing moment in their lives.

As a person I am kind, and clear when the times call for it.


I am Emma Oortgijs  , I recently moved to Apeldoorn from The Hague with my family.

I’ve been a midwife for 8 years. And after working for a busy city practice I was ready for something else.

A smaller practice. I am happy to have found Meja , and  I’am looking foward in meeting you all.

Marlies - Meja - midwife

Four of us ?

You might be thinking: ¨Is this viable, a small scale practice with four midwives?”

Our answer is: “Yes!”

To us personal care is very important. That is why we have chosen the start this practice. By remaining small scale, deliveries are spread evenly throughout. This allows us to provide hands on guidance and flexible office hours.

But what if there are two simultaneous deliveries?

Of course, that is possible, although unlikely. In the rare case that we are both otherwise engaged, we have an excellent working relationship with other practices in Apeldoorn. When and if there is a simultaneous delivery, there is always a midwife to lend a hand. This is often for a short period of time, as we will take over your care as soon as possible.

This way we can ensure access and quality to good care of all.

What about holidays?

Like everyone else we do need a break every now and then, that is after all how we recharge. During holidays we alternate , this is a plus in working in a team . If we can’t solve it amongst ourselves, we call in assistance from likeminded midwives. But above all, midwives whom we know to be professional, competent and who we trust wholeheartedly.